First owner of the online store is the company A-CARS.

2 Orders for goods offered in the store are accepted through the order form with shopping basket, or by telephone or meilowo. The customer has the opportunity to establish your account, making it easier and faster to place orders in the future and in order to watch the history of their purchases. There is also the possibility of placing an order without creating an account (free registration).

3 The condition of the order is to provide correct and accurate address information, e-mail address, mobile phone number by the customer at the time of ordering. Improperly completed form may cause to refuse an order without notice to the customer of this fact.

4 An order may be verified by the shop A-CARS for the accuracy of address data, the accuracy of bulk orders, ordering, etc. credibility., Using all available tools.

5 Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, throughout the year, at Orders placed on weekdays after hours. 16:00 on Saturday, Sunday and holidays will be processed on the morning of the next working day.

6 You can also order by phone by calling 085 729 77 18. 085 779 45 90.

7 Orders may also be submitted by e-mail

8 Descriptions and specifications of the products in the shop A-CARS are correct at the time of order.

9th term of the contract is 2 business days from the day:

- The impact of money on account of A-CARS (on payment in advance)

- The date of the order (with payment on receipt of the goods).

The ordered goods are shipped via courier GLS. The vast majority of orders are carried in stock, same day or next after placing the order.

10 In the absence of goods in the warehouse and the term of the contract can be extended for more than 10 working days customer will be informed of this fact by telephone or e-mail.

11 In the absence of the contract or price change customer will be informed of this fact by telephone or e-mail to usytalenia new conditions transaction or to cancel the contract without consequences for both parties.

12 Payment for the goods and transport costs can be paid into your bank account, on the basis of orders placed at the online shop using the order form. Payment of receivables to a bank account must take place before sending the goods to the specified address. Payment for goods and transport costs can also be pay on delivery in courier.

13 Complaints relating to mechanical damage caused during transport must be reported to us and if they are best dealt with on the basis of the complaint protocol. In case of damage, please fill out a complaint report with the provider of the package (courier, postman), and then send the original of the document to us. Doing so greatly facilitate and speed up the examination of complaints related to service tansportową.

14 Total delivery supplied warranty, available documentation and proof of purchase.

15 The customer may return the purchased product (pursuant to the Act shall have the right to return only to individual customers. Right of return does not apply to purchase a VAT invoice by the company) within 10 days from the date of delivery provided that the goods are not damaged and no signs of life. Goods supplied by the Client, and the period of 10 days counted from the date of receipt of goods by the customer. Please return the item in its original packaging and supply facilities subject to transport - please do not stuck onto the packaging tape.

The payment will be due the customer within 10 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the A-CARS and will be paid to the designated bank account number. We do not accept returns or complaints for downloading (do not pick up parcels pobraniowych).

16 All items in our range are designed for installation in a motor vehicle registered plants and the installation must be confirmed invoice VAT or Account. Only the installation of shock absorbers can be confirmed only company stamp on the warranty card (no need for a Account or invoice VAT). Installation of in-house or by unqualified personnel may result in damage to the vehicle or the accident and thus the loss of health or life.

17 All items in our range are designed for vehicles with standard chassis and factory parameters. If the auction is not indicated otherwise, parts are not suitable for cars with lowered-suspension, sports air. Clutches and parts of the propulsion system is also designed for standard units (may be unsuitable for vehicles with raised engine power, etc..)

18 According to the Law on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 www.a-store protects your personal data. Any personal information obtained in the course of business the store confidential, in any case or in any form will not be disclosed to other persons or other entities. Shop uses customer data only for the implementation of activities related to the delivery of the parcel containing goods or correspondence with the company A-CARS, necessary for the execution of the order.

Customers have the right to inspect their data, to correct them and demand to stop their use.

The collection of personal data is registered in the Inspector General.

19 In matters not regulated herein, the provisions generally applicable.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the store: