Company A-cars manufacturer warranty on most items on offer. For complete warranty details are described in the warranty card that will be included with the purchase of goods - remember that the guarantee is valid only with proof of purchase. All items in our range are designed for installation in a motor vehicle registered plants and the installation must be confirmed invoice VAT or Account. These are the documents required to report complaints. Only the installation of shock absorbers can be confirmed only company stamp on the warranty card (no need for a Account or VAT invoices for the service). Always adhere to the rules described in the warranty card (if this was released), concerns include assembly, disassembly, in case of emergency like.

Warranty period:
- Shock absorbers: Sachs, Kayaba, Bilstein, Kraft,SRL- 2 years,
- Spring: Kayaba, Kraft, Lesjöfors GH- 1 year
- The clutch and dual mass wheel Sachs, Luk, Valeo, Aisin - 1 year
- Part of the Master Sports: 2 years limited to the course of 80.000km.

The examination of a complaint does not provide replacement parts.

We do not refund the cost of assembly, disassembly advertised, and do not cover the cost of the car is stationary.



The client may return purchased goods within 10 days from the date of delivery provided that the goods are not damaged in the original packaging with complete documentation and no signs of life. Goods supplied by the Client at its own expense, a period of 10 days counted from the date of receipt of goods by the customer and the receipt of goods by the company A-CARS(are not responsible for delays in delivery of goods by independent carriers). 
  A-CARS reserves the right to deduct the appropriate percentage for the loss of value of the goods resulting from:
   - Damage to the original packaging in which the goods have been sold,
   - Damage to the inner packaging,
   - Traces of use of the goods resulting from the method of installation. 
  If you return the goods covered by promotional sales, the costs of transport to the customer bears the company A-CARS, payment of the amount due for the goods will be reduced by the cost of transport and downloads, which a list is given in the "Shipping & Returns" or the cost of which was necessary for the safe deliver the goods to the customer. The costs of transporting the goods listed in the "Shipping & Returns" values ​​are for demonstration only and in special cases may have different values.
  The payment will be due the customer within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the goods by the company A-CARS and will be paid to the designated bank account number.